Internet Explorer 9: Wow, the Web is New Again

Some of us have been around long enough to remember the Web in its infancy. It was an amazing time—and I'm experiencing some serious deja vu with the introduction of Internet Explorer 9.

Have you seen Internet Explorer 9? You really must! Here's a little of what you'll find.

True speed, realized. Internet Explorer 9 has been engineered to take advantage of power that used to languish in your computer—especially the muscle within your graphics processor. The result? Dramatic improvement in everything visual: smoother HD video, truer colors, crisper graphics.

Your privacy, protected. Is it fabulous or unsettling that third parties can track your activity across multiple websites? Depends on who's doing the tracking, and why. Internet Explorer 9 gives you more control with Tracking Protection. You choose a trusted Protection List that blocks or allows third-party tracking according to your preferences, and Internet Explorer 9 protects you accordingly.

Tracking Protection

Your browsing experience, enhanced. Internet Explorer 9 adds all sorts of refinements and new capabilities that make browsing more efficient. A thinner border means more viewing space... a combined address and search bar simplifies getting to the sites you want... and tear-off tabs let you instantly Snap pages side-by side, or pin a site to the taskbar simply by dragging it there.

Snap pages side-by-side

Did you get that? Pin a site. Yes. Now you can pin a specific site to your taskbar, and launch it any time just like an app (I've done this with my favorite online alarm clock, and now I'm late for fewer meetings!).

Pin a site to Taskbar

Even better, some sites, once pinned, come with Jump Lists that will get you to a specific site function faster—just left-click the site's icon on the taskbar and make your choice.

A delightfully helpful New tab window. When you create a new tab, Internet Explorer 9 shows the sites you view the most, so you can choose one instantly if that's where you're headed.

Sites you visit most

Or just use that combined Search / Address box to navigate.

Whew! I think I may have just scratched the surface here, but it's enough to get my pulse racing. Seriously. Learn more about Internet Explorer 9's new capabilities. I hope you're as impressed as I am!


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