Create wiki links in OneNote

If you've ever worked on a wiki, you'll appreciate this next tip. And if you haven't, this brief intro will make you a faster linker in OneNote 2010 and ready to start authoring collaboratively should you ever find a wiki in need of tending.

Sure, you can link sections in OneNote the traditional way. But it's so much faster to just type the name of the page surrounded by brackets:

Add a wiki-style link 

The best part? If a page with that name doesn't exist, it will be instantly added. The link will appear as a dotted line so you know you still need to enter content for it.

Dotted underline means page is new 

Simply click the link to go to the page, and then type or paste your content:

Add content to your new OneNote page

Once you do, the underline will appear normally:


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  1. tyronne says:

    Very helpful, thanks

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