Get there faster with Internet Explorer shortcuts

There are those who will say that, when browsing the Internet, it's all about the journey. Whether that's true for you or you just want to get in and get back out with useful information, these keyboard shortcuts will help.

Zoom: Ctrl + and -. Sometimes, the words and pictures are just a touch too small for efficient consumption. Or, in the unlikely event you look at my grandparents' website view, everything will look too large. Zooming in and out is easy: simply hold the Ctrl key and use the + and – keys to make things larger and smaller (that's Ctrl+Plus sign and Ctrl+Minus sign for you literal types). To get back to the size originally displayed, use Ctrl+0 (that's a zero).

Use Ctrl+Minus sign to zoom outUse Ctrl+Plus sign to zoom in

Search. Ever want to search for something without disturbing the content you're looking at now? Enter your search term in the search box and press Alt+Enter, you'll see your search results in a newly opened tab. Slick!


Explore. You've found a page that looks promising, and it's time to do some poking around. You can Tab your way through the items on a page (you'll also pass through the Address bar and Favorites bar). Scroll with Up Arrow and Down Arrow, or go directly to the top or bottom of the page with Page Up and Page Down.

Navigation is a snap as well. Alt+Left arrow takes you to the previous page, while Alt+Right arrow goes to the next. Alt+Home takes you to your designated home page. There's a ton more of these timesavers—read all about them.

Just think: If you learn and use these shortcuts regularly, you'll save time getting things done. Moreover, your mouse can grab the occasional catnap. Enjoy!


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