Make your Excel rows and columns consistent

As you enter data into cells in your Excel worksheet, you may notice that your rows change height - which can lead to a sloppy presentation if you're sharing the data. Likewise, you may want to adjust your column widths to make them more consistent.

There's a quick way to do this. Simply select and right click the row (or column) and choose Row Height (or Column Width):

Row Height

You'll see a dialog box like one of these:

Enter Row Height

Enter Column Width

Copy the value to your clipboard and then select any rows (or columns) you want to change to match. If you select more than one and they are the same, you'll see the value. If they are different, the field will be blank. Just type or paste the number, hit Enter, and you're done.


Comments (1)

  1. Donna Wheelahan says:

    thank you,  I also need to know how to extend my excel spread sheet for revenue tracker, once I run out of space at the bottom.

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