Print just one page in Outlook 2010

Have you ever wanted to print just the first page of an email message? Most of the time, right?

You may not realize it, but there is a place to select this in Outlook 2010. Just go to File, Print (or press Ctrl-P) and then click Print Options:

Print Options

Directly below the Print style box, about halfway down, is your Page range selector:

Print Page Range

Just click inside the box next to Pages, enter a 1 (or whatever page range you want), and click Print.


Comments (3)

  1. Rob the Techie says:

    I found another blog with some useful guides on how to change Prunt Settings in Outlook: <a href="…/">how to outlook</a>

  2. Gary says:

    When I do this, it still prints all pages of my email. In the case I tried, it was five pages.

  3. UnLucky Luke says:

    Same problem as Gary, I try to print only one page but it prints all 🙁

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