A quicker way to fill down in Excel

For those of you familiar with the double-click trick in Excel, there’s a faster way that is very effective particularly when duplicating text down one or more rows.

A colleague of mine uses it when localizing text strings that are stored in Excel; he organizes his document so that all of the same languages are in adjacent rows. Then he fills in the strings for the first country that uses that language and then quickly fills the strings down to the rest.

Just select the cell or cells you want to fill down. Then, instead of double-clicking the dot at the bottom right corner, click and drag the dot down (while still holding the mouse button) until you reach where you want the fill to end:

Click and drag to fill down

Then simply release the mouse button to fill:


One caveat: If you’re working with numbers or formulas, double-check to ensure you get the intended results:

Watch for unintended results

In this example, the Widget name stayed the same but the price incremented by $1 for each fill step.

This is a pretty good timesaver, once you get the hang of how it works. Give it a try and see how much time it can save you.


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