Link related sections in OneNote

If you’re writing a manual or other form of documentation that discusses definitions or processes that are detailed in other parts of your OneNote document, you can (and probably should) link them. That way, if someone is reading along and spots an unfamiliar term, they can click it to go to that section for a full explanation.

This works in both OneNote 2007 and 2010. First, identify the page you want to link to and right click that page tab on the pane to select Copy Link to Page:

Copy Link to Page

Now go to the page that you want to contain the actual link to this page. Select the text, right click, and choose Link:


Now paste the link into the Address field and click OK.

Link dialog

In OneNote 2010, you can save a step and select your page from the dialog box if you prefer.

When you’re done, you’ll have a link to the page with more detail:

Linked text in OneNote


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  1. Benoit Barabe [MSFT] says:

    You can also use the wiki-like syntax [[Named Context]] which will automatically link to any page named "Named Context", or create one if it does not exist. Much faster if you are consistent in naming.

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