Working with styles in OneNote 2010

One significant improvement to OneNote in Office 2010 is the addition of styles, which can be used to apply six levels of headings, body text, quotes, citations, and even code samples. Simply select the text you want to change and then pick the style from the dropdown list on the Home tab:


Styles are applied to paragraphs, and only the Normal (body text) style can be customized. To change the appearance of the default font, simply go to File, Options and select the Font, Size, and Font color you want:

Default font options

And if you’re in a hurry, some of the styles can be applied using keyboard shortcuts:

Normal: Ctrl + Shift + N

Heading 1: Ctrl + Alt + 1

Heading 2: Ctrl + Alt + 2

Heading 3: Ctrl + Alt + 3

Heading 4: Ctrl + Alt + 4

Heading 5: Ctrl + Alt + 5

Heading 6: Ctrl + Alt + 6


Comments (1)

  1. John says:

    Is it just me, or do headings seem to only output in Calibri? Is there any way to change them so they output in a different font as well? Thanks!

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