Embed the file path in your Word documents

This next tip is for you if you’ve ever looked at a printed Word document and wondered, "Where is the file for this?" It’s a simple task to embed the file path directly into your Word files so you can tell at a glance where you saved them – whether it’s on your hard drive…


Make room for wide objects in Word

You’ve probably printed wide Word documents in landscape mode, and you may have even changed a whole document to Landscape using the Page Layout tab’s Orientation button. But did you know that you can selectively create individual pages in landscape mode for that really wide chart, table, or image? By default, all pages in your…


Create an organizational chart

Managing your team’s organizational chart is a simple task in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. This tip works in both Office 2007 and Office 2010. Pick the application where you want to create and store the chart and go to the Insert tab. Click SmartArt and then select the Hierarchy section: Pick the organizational chart style…


Formula Watch – Autonumber your rows and then convert them to values

If you’ve ever wanted to have a number column that automatically updated as you inserted new rows, simply use this function: =row() Place that in your A1 cell and then either cut and paste or autofill down as far as you like. If you insert rows, the numbers will update to match the row number….


Get started with Quick Steps in Outlook 2010

Quick Steps in Outlook 2010 can really save you time with customizable shortcuts that perform multiple steps for common Inbox tasks such as Reply & Delete. By default, you’ll have a handful of Quick Steps: However, some Quick Steps such as To Manager (which forwards a mail to your boss) and Team E-mail (creates a…


Casual Friday: Transform your Excel comment boxes into fun shapes

The default rectangular comment boxes in Excel are fine for your typical business use case scenario, but when you’re working on spreadsheets for home (such as the allowance chart we shared), you might want to cut loose a little! Here’s how to change the shape of your comments to a comic-style word balloon, heart, star,…


Quickly spell check all worksheets in Excel

If you run the spelling checker on your Excel worksheets (a good idea, even if you are an expert speller!), you might think that you have to run it separately for each worksheet in your document. But there’s a simple way to spell check all of the worksheets at once, and it works in both…


Windows 7 Replay: Ultimate power over your laptop, the Windows 7 Mobility Center

Here’s a classic tip you might have missed: Chances are your office doesn’t allow pets (service animals excepted). Fortunately, laptops make wonderful pets. They’ll follow you anywhere, glow warmly up at you, and be generally obedient. And while you don’t need special kibble for this trusty pal, it does enjoy juice—the electrical kind, that is….


Quickly remove all headers and footers in Word

We’ve looked at the Document Inspector as a tool for preparing Office documents for public release. It’s great for finding and deleting private and hidden details. But it can also be helpful for other tasks, such as removing headers and footers in Word documents. If you only have one header and footer, this is a…


Insert new pages right where you want them in OneNote 2010

In past versions of OneNote, you had to click the New Page button at the top of a section and then click and drag to move the page where you wanted it. Now, in OneNote 2010, you can add pages anywhere in the hierarchy by right-clicking a page name and selecting New Page: This adds…