Working with the Navigation Pane in Word 2010

If you work in long documents, you're going to love the new Navigation Pane in Word 2010. This replaces the Document Map in earlier versions of Word and makes it a snap to reorganize, delete, or even just select a section to cut and paste into a mail or blog post.

You may have noticed the Navigation pane hanging out on the left side of your documents (though you're welcome to move it or even close it). To make quick use of it, first create some headings in your document. Just select the headline or text introducing a section and then click the Heading 1 button on the Home tab. Repeat for all of the sections of your document.

Now go to the Navigation pane (if it's not open, just hit Ctrl-F or click the checkbox for it on the View tab). Select the left-most icon tab to browse the headings in your document:

Navigation pane

Click a section to jump there, or click the up arrow at the top to get back to the top. To reorder your sections, simply drag and drop the headings. Right click a heading for more options, such as Select or Delete:

Right click a section for more options

I write my blog entries in Word and then use this feature to select them and paste them into Windows Live Writer for publication. It's a real time saver!


Comments (2)

  1. Pine tree says:


    Thanks for the nice post.

    I wonder if you can help me. I have the navigation pane hang outside of my Word 2010. Do you know how to put it back inside of Word?


  2. Tseren says:

    I found it!  You have to place the Navigation Pane in default place and click twice in upper (heading) area of the pane  

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