Use OneNote to take and crop screenshots

If you're still using the PrntScn button in Windows to take screenshots, you're missing out one of the best kept secrets of OneNote: its screen clipping tool.

You don't even need to be running OneNote to use it (as long as it's installed!). Just press the Windows button + S on your keyboard, click and drag your cursor to create a selection window, and then decide whether you want to paste it the resulting screenshot into OneNote or just to your clipboard for use in Word, Outlook, instant messages, or even your Twitter client:

OneNote screen clipping tool

One advantage to pasting images into OneNote: If they contain text, you can make it searchable or even copy and paste the text from the picture just by right-clicking it. Also, saving your screen clipping to OneNote also saves it to your clipboard, so you can quickly log the image to a OneNote archive (in case you need it again later) and then paste it where you need it now .


Comments (3)

  1. apk says:

    oh my gosh, i love you for this trick! my life just got EASIER, MUHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. T says:

    Thanks  I have been trying to figure this out in Chrome

  3. pwd says:

    this is fantastic… I wish I would have google this sooner.  Great tip.  Thank you.

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