Presentations with pizzazz: Packaging your PowerPoint presentation

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One of the hardest parts of off-site presentations is that you can be left at the mercy of someone else's technology. If you need to present on a different computer than the one you originally created your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation with, you should package the presentation. This involves copying the presentation to a CD as well as copying any linked files you may need for the presentation.

One nice thing about copying a presentation to a CD is that you can set it up so that the presentation will run even if the computer you will be using doesn't have PowerPoint software installed on it!

Here's what to do:

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, choose Publish, and then select Package for CD. (In Office 2010, you'll find this option in the File tab under Save & Send).

Package for CD

2. You will be prompted to name your CD. If you need to add files, click Add Files. You'll then be prompted to browse for files you want to include in your package.

Package for CD dialog

3. By clicking the Options button, you can include the PowerPoint Viewer Package. This feature will allow you to run a PowerPoint presentation on a computer that does not have PowerPoint software installed. You can also choose whether to include linked files and embedded TrueType fonts.

4. Once you have chosen any options you may need, click OK to return to the Package for CD prompt. From here, you can choose to Copy to Folder or Copy to CD. Make sure you have inserted a blank CD into your computer, and click Copy to CD.

So sweat the details of your presentation, not the details of getting it to work right on an off-site computer. Copying a presentation to a CD is also an easy way to share your presentation with someone else, perhaps someone who won't be able to attend the live presentation but wants to keep a copy of the material handy. Watch a free, short training video on this topic by BrainStorm.


Comments (3)

  1. Suzanne100 says:

    This tip was written for PowerPoint 2007, and it seems things have changed a little in PowerPoint 2010. When you create a package for CD in PowerPoint 2010, it creates an HTML loader page that  includes a link to your presentation and a link to the PowerPoint viewer. If you may be presenting from a computer that does not have Internet access, you should download the viewer in advance and save it to your CD or flash drive along with all of the files that were packaged up.

  2. ray algar says:

    I am using PowerPoint 2010 and can see no option to include PowerPoint Viewer Package within the 'options' button. My presentation is being saved as a PowerPoint 2010 file, which renders it unusable when copied to USB and played from another computer without PowerPoint 2010.

    Can you please clarify this as it used to be so easy to pull in the Viewer Package in PowerPoint 2007.

  3. How to package Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 presentation to CD says:

    When the project was completed and “Packaged for CD” I inserted the CD-Rom to test the work. I was expecting it to play directly from the CD (automatically) like PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, but to my surprise a dialog box appeared asking me to download and
    install the PowerPoint Viewer 2010 which I did but I got the same result over and over and over again.

    The Problem Found:

    In a packaged CD-Rom of PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, the Presentation Viewer has been configured to be included in the CD-Rom when you are Packaging the Presentation to CD. Therefore, when you insert the CD-Rom it will first read and execute the (autorun.inf)
    file for some pre-configured sequence of events, thereby activating PowerPoint Viewer for displaying your presentation from the CD-Rom. Nevertheless, the problem with PowerPoint 2010 here is that the PowerPoint Viewer that is responsible for playing the 2010
    presentation file (from the CD-Rom) is not included or missing, when you are Packaging the presentation to the CD-Rom.

    Solution Found:

    The method is called “Convert-to-Flash” approach! You need to install a powerful software capable of embedding itself as one of the menus in PowerPoint 2010 environment; and also designed to read and convert the sequence of PowerPoint animation slides and
    its contents into a clickable flash format. Interesting ain’t it! iSpring Solutions Inc. has made it possible for you to bring your PowerPoint 2010 presentations to work. If you wish to try the software download and install the free version, use it and see
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