Casual Friday – Track World Cup soccer in Excel

This week, I'm introducing a new occasional feature: Casual Friday. In it, I'll share uses for the Office applications that we've all put to such good use being productive at work to enrich our personal lives as well.

I recently found just such a use over at the Microsoft Excel blog, where they've released a template that lets soccer fans easily track the 2010 FIFA World Cup games using a simple yet innovative approach.

2010 World Cup Tracker Excel template

Download the 2010 World Cup Tracker template (for Excel 2007 or later)

What's particularly interesting is how the template was made - without code, just conditional formatting, formulas, and a little-known Excel feature called the Camera Tool. For a detailed (and fascinating, for Excel fans) look at how this template was created, read the excellent walkthrough article by Diego Oppenheimer on the Excel team.

What are your favorite non-work uses for Office applications? Post a comment below or send me a tweet.


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