Translate text in Word

If you work in multiple languages or just want to occasionally translate a word or phrase you find on the Internet, Microsoft Word has built-in tools to help you out.

In Word 2007, you can select Arabic, French, or Spanish translations to appear as a screentip if you hover over a word. Just go to the Review tab and select Translation ScreenTip:

Translation ScreenTip in Word 2007

In Word 2010, the ScreenTip feature has been renamed Mini Translator and expanded to offer 22 languages. Access it from the Review tab as well. Under the Translate button, pick your default target languages for both translations and the Mini Translator by selecting Choose Translation Language and then toggle on the Mini Translator to activate hover text:

Microsoft Translator in Word 2010

For longer sections and more language choices in both versions of Word, select your text, right click, and choose Translate to open the full Translation tool.

Translation tool


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