Productivity Hub v2 and new content packs

A new version of the Productivity Hub SharePoint Server site collection and two new content packs are now available for download! The new content covers Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, and various Office products.

The v2 Productivity Hub does not have any new functionality, so if you have already installed the Hub there is no reason to download the v2. The new version removes the orange and blue branding colors to make it easier to customize for your intranet, and adds all the products in a fly-out navigation. The v2 Hub has all content up to date added, with the exception of the new March content.

So regardless of whether you upgrade the core Hub or not, you should install the new March content packs (also available as part of the Productivity Hub download).


Comments (1)

  1. Consultant says:

    When will we have content packs for Office 2013??

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