Software Assurance Benefit #2: Get online training

Microsoft Software Assurance E-LearningYesterday, you learned about the Home Use Program and how Software Assurance can provide you with an inexpensive home license for Microsoft Office.

The other benefit you are eligible for as part of Software Assurance is online training known as E-Learning. Check with your organization to verify that you have the ability to take advantage of this offer.

These courses are self-paced, interactive lessons that are developed by Microsoft experts and designed with you in mind so that you can learn the maximum amount of skills in a minimal amount of time. Assessments, hands-on virtual labs, expert advice, and an interactive approach make E-Learning an engaging experience.

Best of all, with E-Learning you aren’t limited by a date and a place for training. You can take advantage of these courses when it’s convenient for you. In order to use this benefit, your benefits administrator will need to activate this benefit, just like with the Home Use Program. Your benefits administrator could be someone in the IT department or in the training department.

Learn more about the E-Learning program, or jump right into the course catalog (be sure to select “SA” under “Program Type”).


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