Macros Made Easy – Assigning shortcuts after the fact

To add a shortcut key combination or toolbar button later if you didn't assign one when you created your macro, don't go to the Macros button.

Instead, go the Microsoft Office Button clip_image001 at the upper left of your open document, click Word Options, and then click Customize. In the Choose commands from dropdown list, select Macros and you'll see a list of any macros you have available. If you want to add a macro to your Quick Access Toolbar across the top of your document, simply select it from the list, click Add >> and then click OK.


To add a keyboard shortcut, click the Customize button at the bottom, select Macros in the Categories section, and then click on your macro on the right side of the box:


Enter your shortcut key combination, and then click Assign in the dialog box and OK to close Word Options and save your changes.



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