Use OneNote as a calculator

In an old-fashioned notebook or its ad hoc after work alternative, the napkin, if you want to work out a non-trivial math problem you have to carry the one and enter the decimal point all by yourself. But OneNote is a notebook backed by the power of a computer, so you can harness the CPU to solve your math problems for you. No more forgotten remainders!

To solve a simple math problem, type the problem ending with an = sign and then press Spacebar or Enter. For instance, typing $99,500 * 20%= (press Enter) provides the answer $19,900.00.

You're not just limited to simple problems. You can solve problems using advanced operations such as exponents and factors and math/trig functions such as degrees, sines, and logarithms. (View the complete list.)

Want to know what pi is to 15 places? Just type pi=  and press Enter to get the answer. Easy as... well, you know.



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