Browsing through OneNote

If you've written large team or personal notebooks in OneNote, there are times you want to move beyond search and interact with your notes as though, well, they were a real notebook. Don't worry, you can!

The quickest way to do this is using the OneNote page flip feature to simulate quickly scanning through a book. Simply place your mouse cursor over the Pages section (the far right column), hold down the Ctrl key and use your mouse wheel or laptop scroll bar to rifle through those pages as quickly or slowly as you like. Note that this only works for pages within a section - not across sections or notebooks - so if you plan to use this feature you'll want to organize your content accordingly.

If you've ever wished you could take a step back from your notebooks and see all of the pages at once as though they'd been torn out and laid out across the floor or pasted to a whiteboard, you're in luck. Microsoft Office Labs has released Canvas, a free prototype tool for getting a wide view of your work and then zooming in for a closer look at the details.

You can even edit and reorder your pages right from the canvas view. Seeing adjacent pages while you edit gives you added context, which can be very helpful. You can even piece together new books by moving your pages around into different sections. And there's an activity view that makes it easy to spot pages you've touched within a certain date range. This is really cool, give it a look!



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