Sharing notebooks with colleagues

Sharing notebooks is a great way to keep accurate meeting notes, track information needed for projects, and develop a library of materials or research. And it’s incredibly easy to do, using OneNote and SharePoint. You just need to place your OneNote notebook on a SharePoint site or shared server and tell your colleagues where it’s located.

You don’t need to check the notebook in and out. Several people can work in a single notebook at one time. All of their changes are automatically synched when they close it out.

OneNote also make it easy for you to keep up with all of the changes. You don’t need to go through the entire notebook to see what’s new. To see only new pages that have been added since the last time you checked the notebook, select the View menu and select Pages I Haven’t Read. To also see pages that have been changed, select Pages Changed Recently from the View menu instead.

You can see who made the page or the change by right clicking on it.

So how do you share your notes with people who don’t use OneNote? You can send any note page as an email message, directly from OneNote. Your page of notes will be sent in HTML format so that the person receiving them can see the notes within their email program.

You can also publish your entire notebook in one of the universal file formats: XPS or PDF. To do this, just select the File menu, then select Publish as PDF or XPS. Select where you want OneNote to save the converted notes, and whether you want it to save your entire notebook, or just a section or a page.

In the next post, I’ll share some tips to make it easier to take notes during meetings.



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