Favorite Outlook Time Savers

Posts about organizing email are always popular, so I thought I’d give you three Outlook tips for your Wednesday.

These tips cut the amount of time I spend processing e-mail.

  1. Rapid undelete. Clearing out your inbox quickly? What if you get carried away with the delete key and trash a message you didn’t mean to? You don’t have to dig through the deleted messages folder to find it. Just press Ctrl-Z to bring back the last message you deleted. It’s just like undoing anything in any other Office application.
  2. Related messages. With ongoing projects, sometimes it’s tough to remember what was agreed to in the past or how threads were even started. Outlook has a powerful search feature that can instantly bring all the related messages together. Just open one of the messages and select Tools, then Instant Search, then Related Messages from the menu.
  3. To Only Me. I really don’t need to do anything with a lot of the messages I receive. They’re only for my information. I’m just one in a cast of dozens on the cc line. But important messages that need my immediate attention can get buried in between. Outlook allows you to highlight images in your inbox that are addressed only to you. Here’s how:

While in your inbox, select View, then Current View, then Customize Current View from the menu. Click Automatic Formatting, then click Add. Under Name, type "Only to Me." Click Font and then select a typestyle or formatting options that will make the messages stand out. You may want to make the messages bold and red, for example. Click OK, and then click Condition. Check "Where I am" and select "Only person on the To line" from the drop-down menu.

What are your favorite Outlook time savers? Share them in the comments section.



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