Sharing notebooks with colleagues

Sharing notebooks is a great way to keep accurate meeting notes, track information needed for projects, and develop a library of materials or research. And it’s incredibly easy to do, using OneNote and SharePoint. You just need to place your OneNote notebook on a SharePoint site or shared server and tell your colleagues where it’s…


Productivity Hub Content Ready!

The November content package is ready to be downloaded! It contains SharePoint videos and some guides from Microsoft’s Worksmart team – this is the content that we use at Microsoft. Since there are a lot of videos in this download, it is larger than usual. There are spreadsheets in the content package that will give…


Use OneNote when mobile

Note: There won’t be any blog posts on Thursday and Friday this week (as I imagine everyone in the US being gone for the holidays, as will I). We’ve talked a little about how easy it is to take notes with OneNote. It can handle text, graphics, screen shots, and even audio recordings with ease….


What is OneNote and why should I use it?

Over the next few days, I’m going to introduce you to OneNote. As the name suggests, it’s designed for note taking, but it’s actually quite helpful anytime you have lots of information to organize. And it’s great when used with Outlook – or sharing notebooks with others. Remember how easy it was to take notes…


Excelling at Excel: Using data bars to illustrate number ranges

Once you understand the basics of conditional formatting, you’ll be ready for a slightly more advanced move: Creating data bars to illustrate numeric values in Excel 2007. There are several ways you can do this, but one of the most practical is for percentages. Let’s add a column to our profit and loss spreadsheet to…


Excelling at Excel: An introduction to conditional formatting

If you’re new to conditional formatting in Excel, it’s basically just what it sounds like: cell and text formatting that occurs when certain conditions are met. It can be used to add emphasis to your data based on whether it crosses certain thresholds that you designate. A great example of this is a profit and…


Excelling at Excel: Working with the same data in multiple views

Have you ever wanted to look at two tabs in an Excel 2007 workbook at the same time? It’s easy to do. Just click on the View tab and click the New Window button once for each added view you want: Next, to bring some order to things, click the Arrange All button and select…


Quickly correct Outlook font color mismatches

Have you ever replied to a mail and then cut and pasted text from another source only to get a bizarre hodgepodge of black and blue text? There’s a very quick way to correct this so it doesn’t look like a crazy person wrote it. Simply select the text you want to be a uniform…


Outlook Rules: Custom actions – what they are and how to use them

If you’re like me – the curious sort – and you’ve plumbed the depths of Outlook rules, you may have come across the perform a custom action option. If you select it, odds are (unless your organization has written some itself), there are no default custom actions for you to choose from. Fortunately for power…


Read your Hotmail in Outlook

If you thought you were locked into checking your Windows Live Hotmail messages on the Web, there’s an easier way. Just pull them right into Outlook using the free Outlook Connector. This add-in gives you access to your Hotmail messages, contacts, and calendar right alongside your other Outlook accounts. Simply install the Outlook Connector, enter…