Clear your personal details from Office documents

If you're posting a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document to a Web site for download, you probably don't want your personal details to appear in its Properties where customers can see it. (I know I don't!) Fortunately, there's an easy way in Windows Vista to clear your name and other personal and usage information from your documents.

First, find the document on your hard drive and right click. Select Properties and then click the Details tab to view this panel:


Click the link at the bottom: Remove Properties and Personal Information. From there, you have the choice to save a copy of the file with all properties removed or selectively remove details from the selected file:


The first choice is safer and will ensure nothing personal remains. Just keep in mind that if you make further edits before sharing the document, you'll need to repeat these steps - so it's best to wait until your document is completely final and ready for public release.


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