Illustrate your Office documents with screen captures

You really don’t need a fancy image editing suite to get good screen captures and add them to your Office documents. Here are some helpful tips to get good images and incorporate them effectively in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and even Excel. You probably know that the Print Screen (or Prt Scrn) key on your keyboard…


Create Outlook templates for standardized e-mails

If you regularly send the same or similar mails such as a formatted report (say, a weekly team summary), an event invitation, or maybe a newsletter, Outlook templates can be real time savers. It doesn’t really take much time to set up. Once it is set up, you can open the file, make any updates…


Meetings 101: Live Meeting Recording

The Live Meeting topic got so many hits that I think it’s worthwhile to spend a little more time on this. I hope you looked at the live webcast trainings coming up, I signed up for several myself. In case you don’t have a lot of time, and just want some quick answers, I’m covering…


Windows 7 Content Available!

If your company has the Productivity Hub installed, you can download end-user training content for Windows 7! Find it here:   Suzanne


Clear your personal details from Office documents

If you’re posting a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document to a Web site for download, you probably don’t want your personal details to appear in its Properties where customers can see it. (I know I don’t!) Fortunately, there’s an easy way in Windows Vista to clear your name and other personal and usage information from…


Help get rid of spam with Outlook rules

(Interrupting the Meetings 101 posts for a short side trip into rules). Outlook has built-in Junk Mail filters, which do a pretty good job. But sometimes spam may still sneak into your Inbox. If this happens, be sure that you do not load images, click links, or take any steps that might confirm receipt. By…


Meetings 101: Live Meeting Tips

Live Meeting can change the way you do business – it helps you feel more connected than just an audio call. However, there are some challenges if you don’t use it too often, or have never used it before. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from Live Meeting. Audio Audio…


Meetings 101: Agendas and Meeting Workspaces

Agendas are important. Why? Number one, they help you keep on track. Number two, they alert people to the context of the meeting. In our meeting heavy corporate world, you have to make decisions all the time about which meetings to attend. An agenda gives you that opportunity. If you are the one running the…


Meetings 101: Prepare

I go to many, many, many meetings. They vary in usefulness. The best ones are when (if I’m the one planning the meeting) I have done my homework and prepared an agenda, set up the technology correctly, and then followed up with action items. In other words, I’m prepared. Do I do this every time?…


Meetings 101

I have to rush. I have just a few minutes to write this post. My day has been packed solid with back-to-back-to-back meetings. Do you have days like this too? It means that you do your work after hours, when you should be watching Star Trek reruns from Netflix. (TMI?) Meetings 101 will cover pre-meeting…