You fail to configure federation in an Exchange Server 2010 SP2-based hybrid environment

Symptom When you use Hybrid Setup Wizard to configure federation in an Exchange Server 2010 SP2-based hybrid environment, the wizard could not complete and you receive the following error message:   Set-FederatedOrganizationIdentifier Failed Error: Unable to reserve domain “FYDIBOHF25SPDLT.exchangedelegation.<your domain>” for Application Identifier “<XXXX>”.  Detailed information: ” Windows Live returned a domain reservation error.  Detailed…


Office 365 DS quota for each Office 365 customer is 20,000 objects

Introduction When you try to synchronize more than 20,000 objects to cloud, you receive the following error message:   Event Type:        Error Event Source:    Directory Synchronization Event Category:                None Event ID:              102 Date:                     <Date> Time:                    <Time> User:                     N/A Computer:          <Computer> Description: An error occurred. Error Code: 16. Error Description: Synchronization has been stopped. The company…


Users in cloud (Office 365) unable to book conference rooms on Exchange 2003 on-premise

Symptom Office 365 Exchange Online users cannot book conference rooms that resides in Exchange Server 2003 server on-premise in Hybrid deployment.   Cause The issue occurs because Auto Accept Agent is not installed.   Resolution To work around the issue, move the resource mailbox to Exchange Server 2010 mailbox server.   Note: The Auto Accept…


How to use SMTP matching to match on-premises user accounts to Office 365 user accounts for Directory Synchronization

Summary In some scenarios, you may have to transfer the source of authority for a user account when that account is originally authored by using Office 365 management tools. These tools include the Office 365 portal, Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell, and so on. You can transfer the source of authority so that…


How to create an archive mailbox in Office 365

Summary This article gives you an overview of the supported options for creating and enabling archive mailbox features in Microsoft Office 365. More Information Create an archive mailbox for a cloud-based mailbox Cloud-based mailboxes are mailboxes that were either created directly in Office 365 or created as the result of directory synchronization. Users connect directly…


Referencing local AD instead of SMTP address

Introduction This article describes how to reference local AD instead of SMTP address. 1. In Office 365, create contacts for all on-premise users ( 2. In on-premise AD, get the attribute LegacyExchangeDN for all on-premise users. 3. In Office 365, add the LegacyExchangeDN as X500 address to corresponding contacts. How to implement these steps 1….


Free/Busy information is not being shared between Cloud and On-Premise accounts (Error code 5037)

Symptoms In the Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises environment, when a user that uses a cloud account to get free/busy information from an on-premises account, the user may fail to get the information. Additionally, the following error message is prompted:     You don’t have permission to see free/busy information for this attendee. (Error code 5037)…


An Exchange Server 2003 user cannot view the free/busy information of Office 365 resources or users within a Hybrid deployment.

Symptoms In an Exchange 2003 and Office 365 Hybrid Deployment environment, the Office 365 users are able to view the Free/Busy information of Exchange 2003 users or resources. However, the Exchange 2003 user may not be able to view the Free/Busy information of the Office 365 users or resources unexpectedly. Cause&&Resolution Many configuration issues may…


Error message when you try to sign in to the Microsoft Online Portal as a federated user

Symptoms When you try to sign in to the Microsoft Online Portal as a federated user, you may receive one of the following error messages: “There was a problem accessing the site. Try to browse to the site again.” “Your organization could not sign you in to this service” Resolution Update or repair the federation trust…


On-premise users not receiving email from your Office 365 users

The Exchange Online Control Panel (ECP) displays your Online Company Domains, which are created via the Microsoft Online Portal (MOP). These domains listed in the ECP can be managed in regards to how mail is delivered, which is relevant in a Mail Coexistence scenario; users online and on-premises who use the same email namespace (i.e….