From Mar.5 to Mar.11 , Hot-Fix KB articles weekly Release – Other System Center products

There is no related KB articles during this period. 


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  1. Ed says:

    Is this blog dead? No posts in over a month….

  2. Oistein says:

    Looks a bit like the last time this blog died out. The thing with this blog, is that it is really useful but perhaps few people know of it? When Windows 7 was released, we experienced quite a few bugs and we used this blog to stay updated to see if any of our problems got solved through a hotfix. Many of them did!

    I think Microsoft perhaps thinks this blog might not be useful enough perhaps? Maybe because there are few comments or hits? I don't know… I really hope they keep this blog alive, because the information and the download links provided here makes a difference.

  3. Ed says:

    I like to keep my systems up to date. I'll install some that are of definite use but keep the others around. I've seen multiple cases where one of these hot fixes fixed the job.

    There use to be another one as well which had a monthly blog but that one also died.

    Biggest problem with hotfixes is that some superceed others but the KB doesn't say so. Like KB2775511 includes 90 previous fixes. I'm doubting if someone went into all 90 KBs and updated them…

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