How to connect Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac to Microsoft Exchange Online


This article describes how to connect Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac to Microsoft Exchange Online.


Connecting to Exchange Online by using Office Outlook 2011 for Mac requires no additional software.

To set up a new Exchange Account in Outlook 2011 for Mac, follow these steps:


Start Outlook 2011 for Mac, click Tools , and then click Accounts .


At the bottom of the window, click the PLUS SIGN (+), and then click Exchange


Enter your information in the E-mail address , User name , and Password text boxes. Make sure that  User Name and Password is selected as the Authentication Method , and the Configure Automatically check box is selected.


Exchange Online auto-detects your settings and configures your profile.


You are prompted to let Outlook redirect to the correct AutoDiscover URL. Make sure that you click to select the  Always use my response for this server  check box to prevent multiple prompts in the future, and then click Allow.


Make sure that your settings are correct on the Accounts  screen, and give your account an appropriate description. Close this dialog box when you are finished.


On the main Outlook screen, click Tools .


Under Online Mode , change to Online .




The Exchange Online account should now be online, and the account begins to sync your mailbox.



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  • Microsoft Office 365 for small businesses
Comments (8)
  1. Ann Gibbs says:

    Trying to create my Exchange on my Outlook for Mac. I get a dialogue box asking for a Server.

    Below this, I get the comment "Account cannot be added. Note that Outlook 2011 requires Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Update Rollover 4 or later."

  2. Manish D. says:

    If it asks for server name, then Autodiscover doesn't work and that's why it is asking for the server.  Enter your actual Exchange server FQDN in the field (ex,

  3. Hans W says:

    When you try to connect (via Exchange) to the same error message will pop up and you will be asked for the server. hmmmmm? Any idea?

    Outlook version used on the Mac is 14.3.6 (latest)

    Thank you for any hints!

    P.S.: Or is it still not possible to use via Exchange and only POP3 is available?

  4. Oliver B. says:

    Only the pop or imap service works in office 2011 for Mac with An, a hotmail or account cannot be used as Exchange Server on a Macbook. It works only on Apples devices like iPad or iPhone. Therefore a sync of calendars
    or contacts is not possible!!! To make it really clear, there is no workaround available to do it via third party product. You can buy an exchange online service to sync your Outlook 2011 with an online calendar or phone – it costs approx. 3 € per month. That’s
    the reason why Microsoft will not change it. With the requested bridge between the two worlds the will lose money.
    The bridge to sync your outlook data with iCal is now deactivated in Maverick (OS X 10.9). It was really unstable in previous Mac OS X versions like Lion or Mountain Lion thus a rollback is not recommended. Synchronization from Outlook to iCal and further on
    to Google or hotmail is not possible anymore.
    Alternatively you can move your Outlook Mail account to the apple products on your Mac like Mail, Contacts and iCal. I know that these products are not as good as outlook, I don’t like them either, but what are they options? The other Office Products like Word
    or Excel are not affected and can still be used. The money for the license was then not spent for nothing.

  5. Ken H says:

    Cannot connect.
    I travel a lot. On some networks Outlook connects just fine on others I can’t even ping Office365 and Outlook shows as "Not Connected" in the bottom right corner of Outlook. I have a colleague in the office (There are only 2 of us) and he can connect to Office365
    and Outlook; he is running Windows devices.
    I can connect to my phones wireless hotspot but as soon as I return to the wireless network, I’m Not Connected.
    I have a new (less than 2 weeks) old MacBook Air with all updates installed.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

  6. bharat zinzore says:

    i can’t connect email account in mac book pro outlook 2011.
    pls reply me

  7. jim says:

    If you receive the "account cannot be added" error, and you are using Office 365, try this:

    1. After being prompted to confirm the auto discover address (twice), it will display a server name box.
    2. In the server name box, use: as the Exchange server name.

    You should then be able to pull in all mail, calendar items, etc. using Exchange as opposed to POP, IMAP, etc.

  8. usb c says:

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