Feb 8. – Feb 21 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – Windows Legacy Products

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Last week, 9 Windows legacy products related hot-fix KB articles were released, including 4 for Windows XP, 4 for Windows Server 2003 (R2) and 1 for System Center. Below are the details:


Windows XP - 4 KB articles:

·         978829  The CTRL and ALT keys in a Terminal Service session get stuck when you unlock a local computer

·         978411  Windows XP-based computers do not obtain an IP address from the DHCP Server

·         978835  Service cannot access the \?? namespace in Windows XP

·         977018  The PIN dialog box does not appear when you use smart card authentication to unlock a computer that is running Windows XP SP3


Windows Server 2003 - 3 KB articles:

·         979451  Error message when you try to format a partition beyond the 1 terabyte address in Windows Server 2003 SP2: "The format failed to complete successfully"

·         979646  Some folders or some files are unexpectedly deleted on the upstream server after you restart the DFS Replication service

·         979407  A node of a cluster may stop responding in Windows Server 2003 SP2


Windows Server 2003 R2- 1 KB article:

·         979554  The creator of an SNMP trap notification cannot be identified in Windows Server 2003 R2


System Center - 1 KB article:

·         978754  You cannot import a driver into an OSD image if the driver is signed for only the Windows 7 operating system in SCCM 2007 SP2



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Comments (1)

  1. 978829 is for Vista and Server 2008, not XP. Moreover the hotfix-request link is dead ("The KB article has no public hotfixes").

    978411 is for XP, but the hotfix-request link is similarly dead.

    Same for 977018.

    I did one have an email alias for PSS North America, but "this email address is no longer monitored".

    I guess if you don’t have a big-bucks support contract with MS, you are out of luck.

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