Jan. 27 – Feb. 2 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – Developer

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Last week, 7 Developer products related hot-fix KB articles were released, 6 are for BizTalk Server and 1 is for Silverlight. Below are the details:


BizTalk Server - 6 KB articles:

·         977289  Data in the TDDS_FailedTrackingData table is not deleted by the DTA Purge and Archive SQL Server Agent job in BizTalk Server

·         977329  Files are not written to an absolute path as expected in a BizTalk project

·         978059  The BizTalk Server host instance crashes when you use a dynamic WSS send port

·         978260  BizTalk 2009 Accelerator for HL7 cannot send an HL7 message when you have configured field overrides for the MSH8 or MSH12 field

·         979221  An EDI batching orchestration takes longer than expected to process EDI messages on a computer that is running BizTalk Server 2009

·         979225  BAM tracking in BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0 does not work correctly in BizTalk Server 2009


Silverlight - 1 KB article:

·         979202  Description of the update for Silverlight: January 19, 2010



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