Developer related hot issues (Nov. 2009)

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A series of issues that may impact Developers have been reported to Microsoft customer support. From these issues, we figured out several hot issues and authored Knowledge base articles to explain the solutions.


To identify and troubleshoot these issues, you can find more information from the KB articles:

·         2005172 ApplicationPoolIdentity Does Not Have Write Permission to Asp.Net App_Data folder

·         976112  Introduction to ASP.NET inline expressions in the .NET Framework

·         976156  Steps to create a cascading drop-down list by using the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX framework

·         976111  Introduction to URL rewriting, to URL mapping, and to URL routing in ASP.NET in a .NET Framework environment

·         976027  How to programmatically manipulate Windows 7 shell libraries

·         976026  How to develop an in-process COM component

·         975425  How to create a trigger-start Windows service in Windows 7



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