Windows 7 Hot Issues

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A series Windows 7 issues have been reported to Microsoft customer support. From these issues, we figured out several hot issues and authored Knowledge base articles to explain the solutions.


To identify and troubleshoot these issues, you can find more information from the KB articles:

·         975478  Software designed for an older Windows OS cannot run on Windows 7. Use the Program Compatibility mode

·         975508  Shuffle your wallpapers in Windows 7

·         975784  Enable the Quick Launch bar in Windows 7

·         975785  Customize the notification area in Windows 7

·         975786  Move Windows Live Messenger to the notification area in Windows 7

·         975787  Adjust User Account Control settings in Windows 7

·         975788  Turn off the secure desktop in Windows 7

·         976034  Get a detailed Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report for your computer in Windows 7

·         976064  Dual monitor setup is easy in Windows 7

·         976170  Troubleshoot Aero problems in Windows 7



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  1. Dee says:

    We just installed windows 7 upgrade from vista, onto 2 computers. |the one computer is great, the other one, well, not great. All the programs on the desktop, all have the windows inetrnet explorer logo on them now, and will not open. They will open, but then close. What wrong?

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