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Last week, 13 Developer products related hot-fix KB articles were released, and 2 are for Windows Embedded system, 4 are for Visual Studio, 1 is for .Net Framework, 1 is for BizTalk Server, 1 is for BizTalk Server, 3 are for HIS and 2 are for Commerce Server. Below are the details:


Windows Embedded system - 2 KB articles:

·         971290  After you use the MoveFile API to move files to a directory in a different hierarchy on a Windows Embedded CE 6.0-based device, the files do not appear in the new directory

·         967834  When you accept meeting multiple requests around the same time in Outlook 2003 on a Windows Mobile-based device that has the Direct Push feature enabled, the organizers are missing, or are replaced by your account


Visual Studio - 4 KB articles:

·         970157  A Visual Basic 6.0 modal form is no longer modal when the form is displayed from a user control in Internet Explorer 8

·         970579  False error message or false warning message when you access an external table source in a sub query by using an alias in Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR: "[dbo].[name] contains an unresolved reference to an object."

·         971672  Error message when you build a Visual C++ 2008 project that contains a specific struct type: "fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler"

·         971676  Error message when you compile a Visual C++ 2008 project in which you import type libraries that refer to an external type library: fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler


.Net Framework - 1 KB article:

·         962225  You experience issues with Microsoft XPS signature when you use the XPS viewer or the XPS APIs


BizTalk Server - 1 KB article:

·         971924  Enabling tracking on an MLLP receive port or BTAHL72XReceivePipeline fails to save the inbound message


Commerce Server - 2 KB articles:

·         968758  You cannot target advertisements or discounts to specified page groups by using the Discount Ad Web Part in Commerce Server 2009

·         971763  Site users are not identified as registered users in the RegisteredUser table after you import the Web server log into the Commerce Server 2007 data warehouse if you use the CommerceDataWarehouseAuthenticationModule class in your Web site


Host Integration Server - 3 KB article:

·         971983  A Session Level Interface (SLI) application that sends a Request Recovery (RQR) command does not receive a response to the RQR in Host Integration Server 2006

·         971669  A Session Level Interface (SLI) application stops responding after you start a session recovery by issuing an SNA Request Recovery (RQR) command in Host Integration Server 2006

·         970917  The RACF Management Agent appends the PASSDATE, PASS-INTERVAL, and PHRASEDATE attributes to the DFLTGRP attribute during a RACF import process



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