May 14 – May 20 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – SQL Server

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Last week, 15 SQL Server related hot-fix KB articles were updated and they are for SQL 2008. Below are the details:


SQL Server 2008 - 15 KB articles:

·         967552  SQL Server 2008 Database Auditing shows query criteria as a parameterized value instead of the actual record

·         968215  Error message when you try to bulk insert data into a table that contains a DATE type column that uses a US date format in SQL Server 2008: "Bulk load data conversion error"    

·         968615  SQL Server 2008 Integration Services Import and Export Wizard does not provide the ConnectionString property for the .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC

·         968741  You receive asserts after you delete a row that contains BLOB data from a SQL Server 2008 database
969357  SQL Server 2008 Report Designer renders numbers in an order opposite to what you expect when you add a special character to a Textbox control that contains both Hebrew characters and numbers

·         969453  The cascading report parameters are inconsistent in a SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services report that contains three or more levels of cascading report parameters

·         969513  When you read an input column by using the managed code within a script component in a SQL Server 2008 Integration Services package, some meaningless characters are added to the returned data

·         969653  All SQL Server 2008 database engine performance counters appear to be missing when you try to monitor the performance counters through WMI interfaces

·         969793  Error message when you click the Columns tab in OLE DB Source Editor in SQL Server 2008 Integration Services: "Error at Data Flow Task [OLE DB Source [1]]: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR"

·         970184  You receive a "File system error" error message that mentions a temporary file when you process a cube in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

·         970287  A performance issue occurs when you run a full-text query that contains the "AND NOT" clause in SQL Server 2008

·         970461  An MDX query that contains the Aggregate function incorrectly returns a NULL value for a calculated measure in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

·         969467  Error message when you run a query that uses the CASE function in SQL Server 2008: "Conversion failed when converting the <Type1> value ‘<A value>’ to data type <Type2>."

·         969611  Error message when you run a job whose owner is a Windows user account after SQL Server 2008 Agent is restarted: "The job failed. The owner () of job <Job Name> does not have server access"

·         970349  Queries from a query notification that has a lot of subscriptions run slowly when you change the Auto Close option to False in SQL Server 2008



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