May 13 – May 19 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – Developer

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Last week, 9 Developer products related hot-fix KB articles were released, and 3 for Windows Embedded system, 1 for Visual Studio, 2 for .Net Framework, 1 for BizTalk Server, 1 is for IIS, and 1 is for Commerce Server. Below are the details:


Windows Embedded system – 3 KB articles:

·         967334  Error message when you soft-reset a Windows Embedded CE 6.0-based device that has credentials in the registry: “LoadVProviders: There are no virtual type providers present”

·         968612  You cannot play a Windows Media file on a Windows Embedded CE 6.0-based device if the video render of the device uses the YV12 format to render the media file

·         958255  Service Pack 3 for Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs and Windows Embedded for Point of Service is available


Visual Studio – 1 KB article:

·         959417  Error message when you try to repair, uninstall, or install Visual Studio Team System 2008 after you install an update that adds a new Windows Installer feature: “A problem has been encountered while loading the setup components”


.Net Framework – 2 KB articles:

·         968108  Web clients crash or you experience unexpected behavior when you access an ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX-enabled Web site that is deployed in a Web farm

·         959162  You receive error MSB4018 when you run MSBuild.exe at a Visual Studio 2008 SP1 command prompt to build a large solution


BizTalk Server – 1 KB article:

·         967606  The BizTalk Server FTP adapter does not retrieve files successfully from an IBM AIX-based FTP server that is set to the fr_FR locale


Commerce Server – 1 KB article:

·         969372  The Commerce Server 2009 SharePoint Commerce Services Configuration Wizard cannot create Web application when both the IIS Web site and the Extended IIS Web site are configured to use host headers and port 80


Internet Information Service – 1 KB article:

·         967342  The internal IP address of an IIS 7.0 server is revealed if an HTTP Request that does not have a Host header or has a NULL Host header is sent to the server



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