Apr. 16 – Apr. 22 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – SQL Server

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Last week, 20 SQL Server related hot-fix KB articles were updated and 19 are for SQL 2005 and the other is for SQL Server Compact. Below are the details:


SQL Server 2005 - 19 KB articles:

·         961049  When you run a query that uses the NOLOCK table hint in SQL Server 2005 to retrieve BLOB data, the query runs very slowly

·         961050  When you run a query that has a parallel execution plan in parallel under the READ COMMITTED isolation level on a database that is set the READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT option in SQL Server 2005, the query that you may obtain may return uncommitted data   

·         961106  Error message when you run a query in SQL Server 2005: "Internal Query Processor Error: The query processor could not produce a query plan"

·         961811  The CPU usage and the memory usage increase gradually and many session IDs are in the dormant status in SQL Server 2005

·         965217  An incorrect backup set is listed when you restore a database from a backup file by using SQL Server Management Studio in SQL Server 2005

·         967101  The performance of database mirroring decreases when you run a database maintenance job that generates a large number of transaction log activities in SQL Server 2005

·         967199  The Wmiprvse.exe host process stops responding when you run a SQL Server 2005-based application that sends a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) query to the SQL Server WMI provider

·         967206  You obtain incorrect values for a column when you use the OPENROWSET function to import data from a data file by using an XML format file in SQL Server 2005

·         967337  When you run a stored procedure that contains a query that uses the FOR XML EXPLICIT clause, you may obtain a schema that is badly formed in SQL Server 2005

·         967983  You receive an incorrect result when you enable the ANSI_NULLS database option and run a query against an indexed view in SQL Server 2005

·         968079  Error message after you configure a peer-to-peer transactional replication and then apply SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3: "The process could not allocate memory. (Source: MSSQL_REPL, Error number: MSSQL_REPL20001)"

·         968233  A SQL Server 2005 database becomes offline unexpectedly when you run an application that uses service broker on this database

·         968290  A mining model of the Microsoft Decision Tree algorithm generates incorrect nodes when you set the MINIMUM_SUPPORT parameter to "9" in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

·         968381  All records in the query log table are truncated when you synchronize a database in SQL Server 2005

·         968449  A query that runs in parallel on a multiprocessor computer returns incorrect results in SQL Server 2005

·         968914  When you convert a TEXT column to a VARCHAR(MAX) column, an NTEXT column to a NVARCHAR(MAX) column, or an IMAGE column to a VARBINARY(MAX) column, the original NULL values in these columns may become empty strings in SQL Server 2005

·         969123  Error message occurs unexpectedly at different times in a SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services database that uses user-defined functions: "The <Function Name> function does not exist"

·         969466  Error message when you run a query that uses the CASE function in SQL Server 2005: "Conversion failed when converting the <DateType> value '<Value>' to data type <DataType>"

·         969588  Some cell values are doubled when you run an MDX query against a database that has the AllowedSet permission set for a dimension in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services


SQL Server Compact - 1 KB article:

·         968864  Error message when you run a query in SQL Server Compact 3.5: "The column name cannot be resolved to a table. Specify the table to which the column belongs"



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