June 23 – June 29 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – Windows Client

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Last week, 8 Windows Client products related hot-fix KB articles were released, including 2 for Windows XP, 5 for Windows Vista and 1 for Internet Explorer. Below are the details:


Windows XP - 2 KB articles:

·         954232 The On-Screen Keyboard behavior on a Windows XP-based computer does not mimic the physical keyboard behavior in certain scenarios

·         948239 A Windows XP-based computer stops responding when you click Cancel in a dialog box


Windows Vista - 5 KB articles:

·         952824 IEEE 1394-compliant storage devices that are connected by additional IEEE 1394 daisy-chain ports cannot be correctly shown on a Windows Vista-based computer that is using OHCI host controllers

·         950125 Description of the Media Center Extenders for Windows Vista update released June 24, 2008

·         950124 Description of an update that provides broader support for newer TV set-top boxes in Media Center Extenders for Windows Vista

·         954061 When you run a WMI query against the CIM_DataFile class by using the "Run as administrator" option in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2008, the query returns incomplete results

·         950319 On a multiprocessor computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, a network connectivity failure occurs randomly when you run certain utilities


Internet Explorer - 1 KB articles:

·         950065 Internet Explorer Maintenance Group Policy settings for the Content Advisor does not work on the client computers that have Internet Explorer 7 installed



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Comments (3)

  1. anony.muos says:

    What about KB945285, KB932596, KB949459, KB953347 and KB952131 for Vista and KB950772 for Vista x64? What about KB953609 and KB947460 for Windows XP SP2/SP3?

    And tommorrow will be July 1st and I still cannot install the following on Windows XP SP3, nor is it included in SP3 for Windows XP:

    – XPS Essentials Pack

    – Windows Easy Transfer Companion beta

    – KB922120 (LLTD Responder)

    – KB923800 (Offline Crash Diagnostic)

    – KB924732 (Change Analysis Diagnostic)

    – KB895961 (Xbox 360 Media Center Extender support for WINDOWS XP MEDIA CENTER (NOT Vista MCE)

    – KB938127 for IE6 and IE7 which is a critical VML security KB!

    – KB889333 and KB933873 for Internet Explorer 7

  2. anony.muos says:

    KB952206 does not show up in the hotfixes for SP3 for Windows XP because it is incorrectly listed as "Windows Server XP". Please correct the error.

  3. Healthborn says:

    Hi, Thanks for pointing out the error in the articles. I have submit change request to correct the error.

    For the incompleted list, my querry has some issues, let me troubleshoot and find a solution.

    For the fix that cannot be deployed, I have to say, the blog will be a channel to provide the feedback to product group, however…

    Thank you very much for the comments.

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