Hot Issue – DNS name resolution fails

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This week, we'd like to share a hot issue related to DNS name resolution. Sometimes, you may see the DNS name resolution fails on a Windows system. For example, you may get a “host not found” error when you try to ping or any other web sites.


We have got many support incidents about the DNS name resolution that are caused by certain registry entries are deleted.  These registry entries may be deleted by some imaging software. If you are encountering the issue, you may read the following KB article.


945980 DNS name resolution does not work on Windows Server 2003



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Comments (5)

  1. anonymous says:

    Hey Hotfix team,

    The following hotfixes refuse to install on a fresh XPSP3 slipstreamed installation:

    – KB922120 (LLTD Responder) which I need urgently on my networked machines

    – KB923800 (Offline Crash Diagnostic)

    – KB924732 (Change Analysis Diagnostic)

    – KB895961 (Xbox 360 Media Center Extender support)

    – XPS Essentials Pack (which I need urgently)

    – KB938127 for IE6 and IE7 which is a critical VML security KB!!!!!!!!!

    – KB889333 and KB933873 for Internet Explorer 7

    Please, what is taking Microsoft so long to refresh these hotfixes? Please update them so they install on Windows XP SP3.

  2. Healthborn says:

    I checked several fixes, it shows that these updates are scheduled to be included with Windows XP Service Pack 3. Therefore, it is not necessary to install the fix on Windows XP SP3.

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