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Last week, 10 Developer products related hot-fix KB articles were released, including 3 for Visual Studio, 4 for .Net Framework, 2 for Windows CE and 1 for Windows Server 2003. Below are the details:


Visual Studio - 3 KB articles:

·         950829 FIX: The children of a folder may disappear after you rename the folder and check in the changes in Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server

·         947455 FIX: A file that is deleted from the source branch still exists in the target branch after you perform a merge operation in Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server

·         946673 FIX: When you use Web recorder of Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test Edition to record Web tests, the Web recorder may miss a request or miss some parameters that are passed to a request


.Net Framework - 4 KB articles:

·         952324 FIX: You cannot download the .application file when you deploy an application by using ClickOnce deployment in a secure environment

·         950230 FIX: You receive a System.ArgumentException exception error message when you use the Sgen.exe tool and the XmlSerializer JIT compiler to generate an XmlSerializer assembly for a Web service proxy in the .NET Framework 2.0

·         949777 FIX: Error message if you deploy an executable application to a path that contains escape characters in the .NET Framework 2.0: "Absolute path information is required"

·         923419 FIX: A Web service or a Web service client may fail with a stack overflow when you call the Web service method in the .NET Framework 1.1 or in the .NET Framework 2.0


.Windows CE - 2 KB articles:

·         951866 FIX: A "Data Abort" exception may occur in the GWES module when you run a test on a Windows Embedded CE 6.0-based device

·         951304 FIX: A USB driver may cause an access violation when the USB device sends an incorrect configuration descriptor to a Windows Embedded CE 6.0-based device 




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