Hot Issue – Performance issue caused by Altiris Client Agent Service

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Now, content team is mainly working on hot-fix related KB articles, at the same time, we also put efforts into the customers support cases. From the cases, we analyse the issues that users encountered and figure out the hot-issues that impact many users. Then we will author KB articles to share the symptoms/causes/resolutions of the hot-issues. We will pick out some newly release hot-issue KB articles and post them on the weblog. Hope it can benefit you.


Recently, we see a hot issue happening on Windows Server 2003 64 bit version. This is a performance decrease issue and may occur on the servers that has Symantec (Altiris) Notification server installed. The cause of this issue lies in the Altiris Client Agent Service (AeXNSAgent).


To identify and troubleshoot this issue, we have published a knowledge base article. Please click the link below for details:


951031 Performance may decrease on a server that is running the 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2003 and that has Symantec Notification Server 6.0 installed




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Comments (2)

  1. Peter Mertin says:

    Excellent idea to publish those hot issues. Although unwelcome to see them happen good to know on the other hand.

  2. Chris Mu says:

    In fact, the purpose to publish this information is to avoid the potential issue and save the troubleshooting labor if the issue happens.

    Hope the information helpful.

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