Apr. 28 – May. 4 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – Windows Client

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Last week, 7 Windows Client products related hot-fix KB articles were released, including 2 Windows XP, 2 Windows Vista, and 3 Internet Explorer. Below are the details:


Windows XP - 2 KB articles:

·         951830 When you disable and then re-enable the LAN-side network adapter on a Windows XP SP3-based computer that is configured as a Connection Sharing host, a client computer on the network cannot access the Internet

·         950982 A list of ODBC system DSNs is truncated when the total number of characters that are used in all the DSN names is more than 7,500 on a Windows XP-based computer



Windows Vista - 2 KB articles:

·         951805 Stop error message when you send or receive e-mail messages on a Windows Vista-based computer that has e-mail scanning software installed: "STOP: 0x1000008E KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M

·         951745 After you install a non-English-language Input Method Editor on a Windows Vista-based computer, you cannot enter any numeric character in the WEP box when you try to join a secure wireless network



Internet Explorer - 3 KB articles:

·         950067 Certificate error Web page is displayed when you try to visit an SSL Web site by using Internet Explorer 7: "There is a problem with this website's security certificate"

·         949922 When you work in a WYSIWYG HTML-editing environment, Internet Explorer 6 may crash because of an access violation in the Mshtml.dll module

·         949883 You cannot insert text on a Web page in Internet Explorer by using a non-English-language Input Method Editor (IME)



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Comments (3)

  1. anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t KB950982 contain the keywords "kbwinxppresp4fix" or "kbwinxpsp4fix"? Because many articles lack these keywords, it becomes difficult to search for them in the knowledge base.

  2. Chris Mu says:

    Good suggestion, let me check with related resources.

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