Apr. 21 – Apr. 27 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release – Windows Client

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Last week, 2 Windows Vista hot-fix KB articles were released. Below are the details:


Windows Vista - 2 KB articles:

·         950923 SNMP Event log Extension Agent did not initialize correctly after installed SP1

·         950904 On a Windows Vista-based computer, the system stops responding and the dump file is not generated when the system receives a nonmaskable interrupt



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Comments (4)

  1. I dont really see the need to stager the Desktop/Server OS hotfix information over Monday and Tuesday. KB950923 is a good example of the same hotfix accross desktop and server OS’s so why not have just OS hotfixes on Monday. This would make more sense to seeing Vista and 2008 share the same code base and therefore would likley share a lot of similar fixes.

  2. Chris Mu says:

    Alan, thank you for the advice. you’re right that Vista and 2008 share the same code base and the fixes are similar.

    However, per our investigatation and the comments for the articles, we notice that the readers for Windows Client and Server related articles are different. So we will categorize the OS related KB articles.

  3. Fair enought if the KB article only contains information about Vista but KB950923 applies to both 2008 and Vista and on first glance you would only think that it only covers Vista as it is listed as a Windows Vista hotfix.

    It is also interesting there is no mention of KB950923 in todays "Servers" release of hotfixes.

  4. Chris Mu says:

    It may be a little confused. In fact, the fix that is for Windows Vista SP1 (not Vista RTM)can also be applied to Windows Server 2k3 due to both products share the same source code. However, the target users who will apply the fix may various.

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