Feb 16 – Feb 22 Hot-Fix Weekly Release – Windows Client

Hi Buddies,

Just to keep you updated about the hot-fix related Windows client KB articles released last week. There are 5 issues for Windows Vista are resolved by hot-fix. For these 5 hot-fixes, 2 articles are released publicly and other 3 can only be accessed internally.

Windows XP and Internet Explorer - no fix released in the past week;

Windows Vista - 5 KB articles:

  • 949126 Class 6 Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card may not be recognized on a computer that is running Windows Vista Service Pack 1

  • 943059 You may be unable to start an executable when you drag multiple files onto a shortcut on a Windows Vista-based computer

  • 948252* Error message when you try to install any Windows Update, hotfix or service pack after you perform System Restore in Windows Vista: "0x80071A91"

  • 947883* After you install an update that is mentioned in KB 943899 on a Windows Vista-based computer, certain hard disk drives may not be recognized when a computer resumes from sleep or hibernation

  • 948870* When a 32-bit application sends an IOCTL_SFFDISK_DEVICE_COMMAND request in a 64-bit version of Windows Vista, the device driver returns an incorrect value

Note, although the last three KB articles are required by your higher Confidentiality Agreement, the fix will be included in the Windows Update or the coming Vista Service Pack. So...

I will be very glad to hear your voice:-)

Comments (12)

  1. anonymous says:

    So are the first two hotfixes included in SP1 or they’re post-SP1?

  2. Why is the KB article for 938126 still not available? The hotfix has been on the Download Center for months… it is also not included in the SP1 included update list…. what’s up with this one? Trying to email MS Support I only get rediculous replies (dl links to the patch, "they are discussing") – support personal is not doing a great job here… Please make sure the hotfix documentation is being made available… and the SP1 docs updated if it is included….


  3. Chris Mu says:

    Hi Gregor, let me check the status of KB938126 and update you. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Thx for looking into this – any news?

  5. Chris Mu says:

    Hi Gregor, I have checked with the PM for this fix, the fix will be released through OEM, so end users are not recommended to install this fix themselves. Therefore, we will not public the KB article.

  6. anonymous says:

    Is this blog dead and why? Why not anyone has posted since March 4. I can see several hotfixes for XPSP3 and Vista SP1 on the Knowledge Base.

  7. Peter Mertin says:


    Yes I would also like to know what’s up with the blog?

    And a quick other question. I did a clean install with Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1 DVD (System Builder Version) and have performance problems. Out of the blue programs stop responding for about 5 seconds to a minute and then magically recover and continue to work as they should. The machine is a quad core Intel C2D with 4GB RAM and a 8800GTX and 2 Raptor HDD’s.

    It matters not which programs these are: Explorer, FireFox, WMP or PerfectDisk. I can still move the mouse and CPU utilization is about 1%.

    Quite strange.

  8. Chris Mu says:

    Hi buddies, sorry for have not been postting for about 1 month due to some reason. I just want to say, we will be back in several days.

    Thanks a lot!

  9. anonymous says:

    Please be back before or around XPSP3 and don’t go away later.

  10. Hey Chris,

    do you know what’s up with the Wireless Feature Pack for Windows Vista? The KB article is up at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942567/ with no download link and the description says to turn to your OEM. Will this be released via MS Download Center and MU any time soon?


  11. anonymous says:

    Hey please let us know now of post Vista SP1 and post XPSP3 hotfixes. Scanning the knowledge base daily is really time-consuming.

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