Jan 26 – Feb 15 Hot-Fix Weekly Release – Windows Client

Hello Everyone,

Due to the Spring Festival holiday, our blog posting has not been very stable in the past 3 weeks. Now we have come back and hope all of you also had a good time. 🙂

From the last report, there are 17 hot-fix KB articles for Windows Client which have been released in the past 3 weeks. In these articles, 13 are public released and 4 are private articles which need your special credential to read and are marked with *. After I checked list, I found there are several important or high-impact hot-fixes. Therefore, I have highlighted them in the KB list. I hope it can benefit you.

Windows XP - no fix released in the past 3 weeks;

Windows Vista - 14 articles including 4 private rleased:

  • 947506 A hotfix is available to reinstall a corrupted language pack and to resolve the problems that are caused by a corrupted language pack on a Windows Vista-based computer

  • 947194 Printing the first page of a large document is delayed when the XPSDocument filter is used on a Windows Vista-based computer

  • 943899 An update that improves the performance, responsiveness, and reliability of Windows Vista is available

  • 943601 On a Windows Vista-based computer,  you may notice that some right-to-left characters are displayed incorrectly when they are used with Left-to-Right Override (LRO) and POP Directional Format (PDF) control characters

  • 942979 Cumulative update for XML Paper Specification (XPS) in Windows Vista

  • 942900 A file is not overwritten when you try to overwrite the file by using copy in the command shell on a Windows Vista-based computer that has Italian Language Pack installed

  • 942845 On a Windows Vista-based computer, you cannot delete or rename the Offline Files when you are working offline

  • 942693 A Windows Vista-based computer may stop responding when you install or uninstall some update packages for a USB HID component and then restart the computer

  • 942146 You receive a message when you try to open an Excel 2007 document on a Windows Vista-based computer from a remote shared folder, even if no other user is using the document: "File in use"

  • 941794 You receive an access denied message on a Windows Vista-based computer when you click offline files that are not synchronized with the file server

  • *941769 You cannot add or modify the properties of text files on a Windows Vista-based computer

  • *941768 Windows Vista does not display the custom attributes of Office files in Windows Explorer

  • *941669 In Windows Vista, there is no Offline files API that exposes the amount of information that will be synchronized when a sync operation has been invoked

  • *945008 A print job may take 30 minutes to be completed on a Windows Vista-based computer that is connected to a printer server

Internet Explorer - 3 articles:

  • 944520 After you reapply Internet Explorer Maintenance Group Policy settings on a computer that has Internet Explorer 7 installed, a pop-up blocker exception site that you manually added is missing

  • 944397 The exception handler may not catch an exception in Internet Explorer 7 or in Internet Explorer 6 when you view a Web page that throws an exception from a function that is called through the expando property

  • 941001 The "Intranet Sites: Include all local (intranet) sites not listed in other zones" policy setting does not function as expected in IE7

As always, if you have any good suggestions on the blogs that can benefit you, do not hesitate to provide them by adding a comment or sending an email to us. We will try our best to improve. 🙂

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  1. Kevin says:

    It’s great to highligh the "important and high-impact" hot-fixes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is an interesting post over at blogs.technet.com

  3. Male Enhancement says:

    Hello, of course I came to visit your site and thanks for letting me know about it.

    I just read this post and wanted to say it is full of number one resources. Some I am familiar with. For those who don’t know these other sites they are in for a treat as there is a lot to learn there.


    Ive often wondered if I could get advance information on new Server/Client hotfixes and here it is!  I usually work reactively to Microsoft issues, now it’s possible to address problems BEFORE I get them

    Very good blog.


  5. Андрюха says:

    Спасибо – как раз то, что я искал. Чудненько.

    Всем Привет.

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