Jan 25 – Feb 1 SQL Server 2005 Hotfix KB Weekly release

HI all,

18 SQL Server KB articles have been released, please see below:

Analysis Services:

947197 – FIX: Error message when the workload demand on the server is high in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: “Internal error: An unexpected exception occured”

947196FIX: An access violation occurs when you a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) query by using a user account that is a member of some different roles in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

946032FIX: When you develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services project by using Business Intelligence Development Studio, a data source view that connects to an Oracle database generates incorrect relationships

943001FIX: A handle leak issue occurs when you connect to an instance of Analysis Services that uses dynamic security

941859The default value of the MINIMUM_SUPPORT parameter does not limit the cases for the Microsoft Association algorithm in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

Reporting Services:

946741Error message when you display a report after you migrate a SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services deployment directly to a new instance of SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 Reporting Services: “An internal error occurred on the report server”

946022FIX: You receive an error message when you preview a SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services report that uses the Microsoft .NET Data Provider 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence in Business Intelligence Development Studio


946036FIX: Error message when you execute a maintenance plan that contains a Back Up Database task in Microsoft SQL Server 2005: “Failed:(-1073548784) Executing the query BACKUP DATABASE”

Database Engine:

946020FIX: Error message when you run a complex query after you install Cumulative Update 3 for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2: “The query processor ran out of internal resources and could not produce a query plan”

945916FIX: Error messages when you delete some records of a table in a transaction or when you update some records of a table in a transaction in SQL Server 2005: “Msg 9002,” “Msg 3314,” and “Msg 9001”

945902FIX: Error message when you run a query that uses query notification in SQL Server 2005: “Process <SPID> generated fatal exception c000001d EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION. SQL Server is terminating this process”

945901FIX: A query that uses the FOR XML AUTO clause generates different results in SQL Server 2000 and in SQL Server 2005

945864FIX: Error message when a trigger that uses a cursor is fired in SQL Server 2005: “Could not complete cursor operation because the set options have changed since the cursor was declared”

945443FIX: A query takes longer to finish in SQL Server 2005 than in SQL Server 2000 when you open a fast forward-only cursor for the query

945442FIX: You cannot cancel the query execution immediately if you open a fast forward-only cursor for the query in SQL Server 2005


945903FIX: The replication latency is high when you use transactional replication in a multiple-instance failover cluster environment of SQL Server 2005

Integration Services:

945899FIX: Incorrect data is inserted into a table when you run a 32-bit SQL Server 2005 Integration Services package on a 64-bit computer


944932FIX: Data corruption may occur if you use Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Java Database Connectivity Driver (JDBC) in an application to connect to an instance of SQL Server 2008 that is installed on a Windows Server 2008-based server


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