Jan 19 – Jan 25 Hot-Fix Weekly Release – Windows Client


It's time to share what hot-fix KB articles have been released for Windows client last week. As of last week, there are only 2 articles:

Windows XP - 1 article:

  • 946629 Some Secure Digital (SD) cards do not work correctly on Windows XP-based computers

Windows Vista - 1 article:

  • 937228 A Windows Vista-based computer is frequently unresponsive for 30 seconds if the Documents folder is redirected to a shared folder, and the folder is made available offline

By the way, due to the Chinese Spring Holiday, the post for the blogs will not be very stable for the next two weeks. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Cristy Mu
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Comments (12)

  1. Hudders says:

    Is this not the Vista fix that Mark Russinovich talked about on his blog, which then got withdrawn as soon as he joined MS ?  The KB doesn’t explain too much, but basically from what I remember in the blog, it stated that Mark was constantly seeing hanging with Explorer and it only happened when he was offline (off the network) with redirected MyDocs.  The cause was something to do with the redirector looking for files on the the server (like desktop.ini and the like) and eventually timing out.  Alledgedly, this was not going to be released as a hotfix, as it touched too many core components…hence would be rolled into SP1.  Ring a bell with anyone or am I dreaming ?

  2. Chris Mu says:

    This blog is a little different from Mark’s blog.

    We focus on the hot fixes and hot issues for most of the Microsoft products, such as Windows, Exchange, SQL, VS, IIS…

    From this blog, you may not get much more techincal information as others, however, you will know what is hot for Microsoft products recently. And that’s our goal, just browse our blogs, you will know that.:)

  3. Hudder says:

    Chris – I appreciate that and fully understand. You can hardly say that a hotfix dated Aug 2007 is "hot" !  All I am saying, is this is the 1st time I have seen this publically released, as it seems to have been "covered up", as Mark’s blog entry was removed/deleted when he explained the details behind this fix, almost 9 months ago.

  4. Chris Mu says:

    Hudder, I agree with you that a hotfix dated Aug 2007 is not a "hot" issue/fix. 🙂

    Because our team is a new team in Microsoft and we centralize the hot-fix/hot-issue KB articles authoring. Because the process has been launched for only half year, there are some backlog hot-fix with no KB article in the database, so…

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