Jan 16 – Jan 22 Hot-Fix Weekly Release – Windows Server

In the previous week, 12 Windows Server hotfix KB articles were released. There were 5 Windows Server 2003 KB articles, 2 SCCM 2007 KB articles, 4 SMS 2003 KB articles and 1 Virtual Server 2005 R2 KB article. 

Windows Server 2003

  • 946198 The print queue status is displayed as “Offline” on a Windows Server 2003-based print server if SNMP is enabled and if the printer devices do not respond to SNMP commands

          Many customers reported the issue after Windows Server 2003 SP2 was released. Before releasing this hot fix, customers had to disable SNMP to work around the issue. After installing this hot fix, you can change this behavior by setting the value of registry key SNMPLegacy.

  • 946056 A Windows Server 2003-based computer responds slowly to RDP connections or to SMB connections that are made from a Windows Vista-based computer

  • 944652 Icons in administrative MMC snap-ins are displayed incorrectly on a Windows Vista-based computer that has the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack installed 

  • 944341 Incorrect client names may be displayed for redirected drives in Windows Server 2003 terminal server sessions if both Windows-based and Macintosh-based terminal server clients are used

  • 937472 You cannot add a user account from a trusted Windows Server 2003 domain to the local Administrators group on the computer when you use an account of the trusted domain together with a smartcard

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007

  • 946519 Every even task sequence reports exit error code 183 if you advertise several task sequences to a Systems Management Server client in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

  • 944693 Software updates cannot be deployed if the software update catalogs that are imported by System Center Updates Publisher 3.0 contain a /qn switch in the command line 

Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003

  • 945635 Systems Management Server 2003 clients cannot download a software package from a BITS-enabled Configuration Manager 2007 Service Pack 1 distribution point on a Windows Server 2008-based computer

  • 944406 Requirements of the /qn switch are different for the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates in Systems Management Server 2003 R2 and for System Center Updates Publisher when you import software update catalogs

  • 944405 Error message when you try to rename a new subfolder in a shared folder on the network after you use the SMS 2003 OSD Feature Pack to deploy Windows Vista: “The <SharedFolderName> folder does not exist”

  • 943457 Some newly added access accounts of a Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 package may be missing on the child sites

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2

  • 943487 The Vhdmount.exe tool in Virtual Server 2005 R2 Service Pack 1 may be unable to mount all volumes on a VHD file on a Windows Server 2003-based, a Windows Server 2008-based, or a Windows Vista-based computer

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