Dec 25 – Jan 8 Hot-Fix Weekly Release – Windows Server

Windows Server 2003

  • 946358 The LsaLookupSids function may return the old user name instead of the new user name if the user name has changed on a domain controller

  • 946118 The handle count of the Smlogsvc.exe process continues to increase when you are using the Performance Logs and Alerts MMC snap-in in Windows Server 2003

  • 946068 Stop error message on a terminal server that is running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2: "Stop 0x000000AB (SESSION_HAS_VALID_POOL_ON_EXIT)"

  • 945766 An application may stop unexpectedly in an Itanium-based version of Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2

  • 945720 Error message when you run a Gnu Awk script on a Windows Server 2003 R2-based computer: "Segmentation Fault (Core dumped)" 

  • 945660 You experience poor performance on a Windows Server 2003 R2-based computer that is running a server for NFS when the NFS server tries to look up mapping for an unmapped user 

  • 944830 On a Windows Server 2003 R2-based computer, the Quota function of the File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) may report incorrect disk usage when both the Quota function and the shadow copies are configured on the same volume 

  • 944696 The Resource Monitor process may stop unexpectedly in a Windows Server 2003-based cluster that has Veritas Volume Manager installed 

  • 944328 A backup operation fails, and a function failure is reported when no media is in the removable media drive on a Windows Server 2003-based computer 

System Center Configuration Manager 2007

  • 944542 The "wake on LAN" feature does not work as expected if a site server uses a non-daylight saving time zone in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 

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