Dec 22- Jan 4 Hot-Fix Weekly Release – Windows Client

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a good time during the Christmas and New Year holiday. I notice my colleague Tony, a senior engineer, posted some contents to introduce the  hot-fix and on-line submission project these days. I want to express my appreciation to him. We will update and optimize our process and content according to your feedback. The weblogs are a good channel for us to learn and hear from you.;-)

OK, let's view the hot-fix KB articles released last two weeks

Windows XP - 1 KB article:

  • 944340 The time stamps are incorrect after you apply update 928388 and then change the time settings to a year that is earlier than 2007 in Windows XP and in Windows Server 2003

Windows Vista - 12 KB articles:

  • 945783 Error message when you try to install an earlier operating system in Windows Preinstallation Environment 2.0: "<Task Sequence Name> has failed with the error code (0x800004005)"

  • 945683 Error message when you use an Unattend.xml file to install Windows Vista through a .wim file: "Windows could not calculate how much space is required for installation"

  • 945612 After you are prompted to upgrade the DRM components on a Windows Vista-based computer, Windows Media Center cannot perform a security upgrade

  • 944054 Error message when you try to shut down or to restart a Windows Vista-based portable computer that has Bluetooth devices installed: “Stop: 0x0000008E”

  • 943986 If you reconnect a removable storage device to a Windows Vista-based computer, Windows Vista cannot find the removable storage device

  • 943668 Error message when you try to use a shared printer to print a Word 2007 document on a computer that runs a 64-bit version of Windows Vista: "Word has encountered a problem"

  • 943657 FIX: Error message when you run a Posix application that declares a dependency on legacy libraries and the libraries are included with Utilities and SDK for SUAs in Windows Vista: "<library_name>.so not valid NT PE file"

  • 943470 In Windows Vista, a new instance of a Media Center Markup Language (MCML)-based application starts when the ApplicationContext.ReturnToApplication method is called

  • 943360 You cannot start Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) 2.0 from certain media on a Windows Vista-based computer

  • 943336 When you use a Bluetooth printer to print multiple documents on a Windows Vista-based computer, the second print job and all successive print jobs may fail

  • 943129 In a Network Access Protection (NAP) architecture, a Windows Vista-based client computer loses network connectivity after you run the "gpupdate /force" command

  • 941860 You cannot view the list of computers and of shared resources on the network in Windows Explorer or by using the "NET VIEW" command on a Windows Vista-based computer

Internet Explorer - 2 KB articles

  • 946323 Internet Explorer 7 does not send you any notification if it cannot obtain the Certificate Revocation List

  • 943510 A memory leak occurs in the Msctf.dll component when you use a WebBrowser control application in Windows XP, in Windows Server 2003, or in Windows Vista

By the way, due to the hard work load on SQL and DSI engineers, the weblogs for these specialties did not update stabled these days. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Cristy Mu
I will be very glad to hear your voice:-)

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