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Our team, the content team, handles all the hot-fix related knowleadge base articles for almost all Microsoft products, such as Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, HIS, IIS, Biztalk Server ... etc. At the same time, our team is also generating knowledge base articles for hot issues occur recently.

Our blog is intended to provide a window where users can know what is hot for Microsoft product recently. We'll update the blog periodically and hope it can help you.

For more support information, we encourage you to visit http://support.microsoft.com

Microsoft Content Team

Comments (9)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hot Fix全般のBlogスタート(Microsoft Content team)

  2. Chris Mu says:

    To Larry,

    Have change "my team" to "our team".:P

  3. Larry Ellison says:

    My team? How about our team you sanctimonious git….

  4. tonyg14@gmail.com says:

    My Zune 30 GB mp3 player crashed last night. I understand is related to a firmware provided by your company. Fix my problem or return my money or I will sue. I have several friends with the same problem with your product So I won’be alone.


  5. Robert says:

    i need windows xpsp1 hot fix G883pj

  6. Robert says:


  7. Don Wilkinson says:

    I have three hotfixes that require r

    einstallation. KNB963027,knb 974455,knb976325. How do I do this

  8. wisdom says:

    tGxmt jagtm t jm

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