Are you a problem solver or opportunity finder?

“Results are gained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.”
- Peter Drucker

Identifying problems is necessary, but understanding why it’s a problem and identifying the opportunity is where the real work lies.
Microsoft recently released its annual Hosting and Cloud Study–Digital Transformation Opportunity for Service providers: Beyond Infrastructure. While the title of the study has the word “opportunity” in it, I think the real opportunity is for service providers to identify where to focus and what is needed to get there. As I read through the data and key findings, a common problem surfaced among customers as they go through their digital transformation projects.
Whether it’s a large customer in the UK, or a small start-up in Singapore, all businesses are struggling with the skills, expertise, implementation, and management required to go through the transformation.

“52% of organizations are on-board with the digital revolution as market disruptors, market makers, or business re-inventors.”

“Half of all organizations consider service providers as vital for future digital transformation projects.”

Domino’s in Australia is a great story that illustrates these findings perfectly. It’s a story about a customer going through a challenge of transforming to an e-commerce business. Rackspace assessed Domino’s needs, but more importantly focused on what they were trying to achieve. They combined their skills, expertise, and service with Microsoft Azure to help Domino’s achieve their digital transformation project. Watch the full story below, and be sure to download the full research report and roll up your sleeves to find your opportunities!

monishsoodAs Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, Monish Sood is focused on building a complete integrated marketing strategy to drive awareness and adoption of Microsoft Azure and partner solutions including private and public cloud.

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